Long-Term Storage: How To Prepare Your Suede Shoes For Storing

Your suede shoes are susceptible to dirt, grime, stains and scuffs, to name a few things. These marks of time may give your shoes a little character, but may diminish their longevity, too, especially if you are going to store your shoes over a long period of time. The following guide will help you prepare your suede shoes for storage.

Restoration and Cleanliness Matters

Your suede shoes may be plagued with any number of substances, which can give them an unsightly look. These substances could be things like oils, food particles or dirt; some of which will attract different kinds of insects to your storage unit. Insects may infest the rest of your belongings and may even eat some of the suede fabric--further damaging your shoes.

Cleaning Your Shoes Before Storage

Consider the following methods to restore your suede shoes:

1. Nail Filer and Steam

You will need the following:

  • Nail filer
  • Steam iron or kettle


  • Lightly scrub the affected area of your shoe with the nail filer.
  • Place your suede shoes over steam for a few seconds. Heat should help loosen the suede fibers enough to remove dirt or whatever is on your shoes.
  • Try lightly scrubbing the area once again.
  • You can place your suede shoes over the steam for a few more seconds if stains refuse to go away.

Talk to your shoe specialist if the stains do not come off before you store your shoes.

2. The Vinegar and Rag Method

You'll need the following:

  • Clean rag
  • Vinegar
  • Suede brush


  • Spray a little vinegar on the affected area.
  • Use your rag to scrub the vinegar onto the stain. Do this for a few minutes. The acetic acid will loosen the stains enough for you to clean them.
  • Let the shoes dry.
  • Use your brush to lift the loosened stains. 

Cleanliness should help extend the longevity of your shoes, especially if you are going to store them for a long time. 

Consider The Right Storage Facility

The last thing you need to do is protect your shoes as much as possible. For one, you need a storage unit that will keep your shoes away from from heat or rain. But, you also need to make sure your storage unit is temperature-controlled. Humidity carries moisture, which can ruin your shoes just as much as direct water. All you have to do is tell your storage specialist that you need a unit that will keep your shoes cool and dry. 

As you can see, preparing your shoes for long-term storage is not too hard. Talk to a company like Colfax West Self Storage to learn more about preparing items for storage.