Ten Items To Gather Before You Begin Packing For Your Move

A well-coordinated move is all about staying organized. This organization needs to begin before a single box is packed. If you take the time to do things in an orderly manner you will discover your entire move will be less stressful and exhausting. Here are the list of items you will need before you start packing.

#1. Lots of cardboard boxes.

Obviously boxes are a necessity before any packing can begin. Always choose a variety of boxes in different shapes and sizes. If you are repurposing grocery store boxes, make certain to only choose those that have all of their flaps, are sturdy and do not have any product spills inside that could cause mold.

#2. A Couple of rolls of packing tape.

Every box should be taped shut, rather than have its flaps folded together. This is the only way you can be certain your property will not dump out if the box tips and it will not allow in insects, dust and rain like it would if it were left open.

#3. Newspaper or packing paper.

Packing paper is basically plain newsprint paper. Obviously, the cheapest option is to reuse old newspapers, but many are uncomfortable with this because of the potential transfer of newsprint. Packing paper is an affordable option that eliminates the worry of ink stains.

#4. A roll or two of bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap protects delicate items in a way that newspaper never can. Plain paper is great for preventing scratches and rub marks between items, but glass and fine China should be protected against shock and crushing too.

#5. Plenty of stretch wrap.

Stretch wrap is the durable plastic that is wrapped on the outside of boxes. It is not necessary for all items, but it should be used on any boxes that will be stored for a few weeks or months before being unpacked. This plastic provides an extra layer of protection against all of the elements any box could come in contact with during storage. It is also important to do this if you are using a commercial shipping company to move some of your items.

#6. A pair of scissors.

You will not think these are necessary until you are in the middle of packing and realize they have already been stuck in another box. Scissors may be needed to cut the bubble wrap, paper and plastic and are just a handy tool to keep with you.

#7. A black permanent marker.

Every box needs to be clearly labeled with the room it belongs in as well as numbered. These numbers will be cataloged and used to make unpacking easier. The marker needs to be permanent and waterproof.

#8. A clipboard, pens and paper.

The numbers written on the boxes during packing should be recorded here. This is where you will keep a complete inventory of each box. It will make it easier to find things once you move as well as provide a list for insurance if something should happen.

#9. Garbage bags and recycling bins.

Not everything is worth packing, so having garbage bags and bins available nearby will make it easy to eliminate those items.

#10 A couple of donation boxes.

Just as you will want to throw some things away, you will also have items that still have value, but not necessarily to you. A donation box will alleviate the guilt of being wasteful that causes a lot of people to keep things they do not want.

Moving will never be problem-free or easy, but taking a few extra minutes to preplan and organize can be a huge difference. If you have hired a moving & storage company like, Security Self Storage, most of your packing materials can be ordered through them. Office supply stores, department stores and even the post office are also convenient sources of packaging materials.