Learn How To Use Stackable Storage Bins To Keep Your Shelves Better Stocked

If you own a grocery store, it is important for your staff to be able to stock the shelves in a timely manner to ensure that all products are readily available for customers to buy them when needed. In order for your staff to be able to stock the shelves efficiently, you need to have an organizational system in place. The following guide walks you through the process of using large stackable storage containers for stocking the shelves of your grocery store.

Label the Bins

The first thing you need to do is label each of the bins. Have two to three bins for each side of every row within your grocery store. People will need to know what goes in each bin and labeling them with what items are stocked on each aisle allows your staff to easily find which bin they need when stocking a specific aisle in the store.

Fill the Bins

When a shipment arrives, immediately have someone from your staff sort the items and place them in the appropriate bins. You want to be sure that all cold items are stocked on the shelves right away to ensure that they do not spoil. Dry goods do not need to be stocked as expediently because they will not spoil as quickly.

Stack the Containers

To make the most of the limited storage space you have available in the back of your store, stack the containers on top of one another. Be sure that you have an order to the way that you stack them so that your staff can find what they need when they need it. It is best to stack the bins in accordance with the way the aisles are laid out in the store. Stack all of the bins that are filled with items in the last row of your store first and then work your way backwards through the aisle until you stack the bins for the first aisle.

Stock the Shelves

Assign each row to the members of your staff to stock. By assigning the rows, you can rest assured that no row if forgotten or neglected throughout the week.

If customers are not able to find the items that they need, they will start to shop at another grocery store. Having well-stocked shelves takes a great organizational system and using the bins allows you to be sure that no inventory is damaged or lost during the stocking process.

If you're interested in using stackable storage containers for other things relating to your business, check it out by visiting a site that provides options of varying storage solutions.