Let Your Smartphone Help You Move

If you're anything like the average person, you probably spend a great deal of time using your smartphone for social media, shopping or to connect with family and friends. Have you ever considered how it can help you during your move? Discovering some of the ways that your smartphone can come in handy will help make your move less stressful.

To-Do List Apps

A successful move comes down to organization. It's not enough to simply know what you have to do, but having it in front of you in the form of a to-do list is much more helpful. What makes a smartphone to-do list app better than a handwritten list is the fact that they come with reminders and notifications that will help keep you on track. Even if you've forgotten something, a helpful notification reminder can help to get you focused. Many of these apps are free.

Utility And Service Apps

From electricity to cable, many of the services that you use within your home have free apps that allow you to do more than pay your bill. You can use these apps to perform account functions like disconnecting or suspending your service. Although you can call the provider and complete these requests, when you're busy with a move you don't have time to sit on hold. Having the ability to perform these account actions on your phone is convenient.

Inventory Apps

You can also use an inventory app to help keep track of your household goods. This type of app can come in handy particularly when you're getting an estimate from a moving company because you will be able to offer a more accurate account of the things you need to have moved. These apps also help you discover if there are any items you can get rid of. You may have some extra stuff you no longer use that you didn't even know you still had.

Moving Planning Apps

If you're looking for an all-inclusive option, you can consider a moving planner app. These apps do generally come with a fee, but having one is literally like having a moving day binder in the palm of your hand. These apps help you do a number of tasks including cost tracking, box label creation and letting you know what utility services are available at your new home. For the most part, if you decide to download one of these apps, you won't need anything else.

Since you probably have your smartphone with you all the time, why not make it useful during your move? For more information, contact a business such as Walsh Moving & Storage.