Furniture Moving Tips To Minimize Back Injury

Moving furniture from your apartment to the moving truck is usually challenging. This is because of not only the weight of most furniture pieces, but also their size. Getting a back injury when trying to move furniture is therefore easy.

The good news is that most of the injury risks associated with moving furniture can be avoided by taking advantage of proper moving techniques. And what makes this even better is the fact that these moving techniques don't require you to spend a lot of money.

Lift light

Most heavy pieces of furniture such as dressers and tables can be taken apart. Parts such as drawers and legs can be separated from the main body of the piece. If the bookcase has items such as books, remove them. Doing this before moving your furniture will come in handy in reducing the weight that your back has to bear. There is also the fact that removing these parts will make the furniture piece more balanced. And while taking your furniture apart might call for taking a few more trips to get everything loaded in the truck, you will save your back from unnecessary strain.

Use a glossy magazine

Glossy magazines are smooth. The friction that results from these magazines pressing against the floor is considerably less than that generated by a naked furniture's base. As a result, placing glossy magazines under the corners of your furniture will make it easier for you to move it. And since all the lifting that you have to do is lift a corner long enough to slide a magazine underneath, this considerably reduces the risks of injury.

When using this method to move furniture, always apply the push-force at the base of the furniture. This is important as it helps to reduce the risk of the furniture tipping especially when dealing with tall furniture.

Use a moving blanket

Glossy magazines are not effective when trying to move furniture that rests flat on the floor. When moving furniture with a uniform flat base, using a moving blanket is advisable. To move the furniture, place the blanket under the piece of furniture. All you will have to do to move the furniture is to pull on the blanket.

It is important to note that using this method to move tall furniture usually comes with an increased risk of the furniture tipping. Making sure that you have someone steadying the furniture is therefore advisable. To learn more about moving tips, contact a moving company near you.