Tips For Storing Your Home Office In A Self-Storage Facility

If you will be storing your home office furniture and equipment in a self-storage unit while you are away for an extended period of time, then it is important that you correctly prepare your items before placing them into the storage unit. By preparing your items for storage, you will make sure they come back out in excellent condition and ready to use again. Use these tips to process your home office items prior to long-term storage:

Tip: Clean and Polish All Wood Furniture

If your desk and filing cabinets are made of wood, then they should be cleaned and polished before being placed into your storage unit. Using a paste wood polish on your wooden office furniture gives it an added layer of protection while in storage and prevents the wood from drying out. As you place your furniture items into your storage unit, you need to wrap them in moving blankets to prevent damage. Do not wrap wood items in plastic, because this can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. 

Tip: Clean and Prepare Your Office Chair

Before storing your office chair, you should clean it well by vacuuming it or wiping it down with a clean cloth. If the chair is made of leather, then you should apply a layer of leather polish on it. The leather polish will keep the leather from drying out and cracking while your office chair is in storage. If it is fabric, then you can clean your chair with a can of carpet spot cleaning shampoo. When you are finished and the chair has dried, wrap the chair in a moving blanket and store it on its casters or upside down on a piece of furniture.

Tip: Place All of Your Technology Cables in Labeled Zip Bags

To make putting your computer, scanner, printer, and other technology components back together when you return back home a lot easier, place their various cables into large plastic zip bags. Label each bag with the name of the machine the cables belong to. Place all of the zip bags in the same moving box and label the box "Cables." Using this tip, when you want to set up your printer, you know where to find the cable and are assured you are using the right one. 

Tip: Consider Using a Temperature-Controlled Storage Unit If You Have Leather and Wood Office Furniture

Finally, if you are storing wood or leather office furniture that will be damaged by temperature and humidity fluctuations, you should consider renting a temperature-controlled storage unit. This type of unit will be heated and cooled to prevent damage from temperature changes and will have humidity controls to do the same.